Skincare and Make-up products for Glowing skin


Beautiful glowing skin starts of course with good skincare and feeling healthy and happy inside your body but we all have days sometimes that we are not feeling the best and our skin seems to look dull and lifeless. On these days you can use products to make your skin look a bit more alive.

Here are some of my favourite products that I use to give me that extra glow:


This serum is great for giving you that healthy glow on your skin andย is designed for all skin types. Young, old, dry or oily. What I love about this product is that when you apply the serum it straight away gives your skin a nice glow and makes your skin feel smooth and soft.

Moisture repl_daycreme

I have very dry skin so after using a serum I use Jurlique Moisture Replenishing Day Cream. Its super thick and hydrating and it’s also a great base for when you use mineral make up to give that dewy glowing looking skin. I love it! For people with normal to oily skin it might be a bit too much.


After applying the skincare its time to even out my skin with Bella Pierre Cosmetics Mineral powder. This stuff is seriously my favourite of all foundations ever! I tried so many brands and I always seem to go back to this one because it gives you this super natural look but with good coverage. Not only is this product good for coverage its also healthy for your skin and doesn’t clog up your pores like normal liquid foundations do. A great product to make your skin look super healthy!


Then there is highlighters or blush with shimmer to give you this extra glowing finish. My favourite one for during the day is the Blush from Sleek (rose Gold).


Its a very pretty peachy colour with a nice sheen that gives you a beautiful glow. I actually prefer it over the very famous blush from Nars (Orgasm) which is similar but a bit more pinkish tone and much more expensive. See below:


These are the products I mostly use on my skin for during the day to give me a natural looking glow. I don’t really use that much during the day because I believe it’s good to look after yourself and make yourself look more beautiful and minimise your imperfections but I don’t think it’s good to overdo it because that actually does the opposite and can take away some of your natural beauty which I believe every person has ๐Ÿ™‚


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