Obagi Professional C Serum


I got introduced to Obagi Professional C serum by a great beauty therapist from The Netherlands. She told me that this is an amazing product that will help even out my skin and give it a vitamin boost. I’ve been testing this now for 1 month and all I can say is that I’m very impressed! This serum gives my skin that healthy and beautiful glow. I just love it!

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Pink, Pink and more Pink!


Every time when I go shopping and i’m checking out the nail polish section I always get drawn to the pink colours. I just love them!

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Delicious smelling shower gels from Philosophy


I’m recently getting in to great smelling bath and shower products. I believe it really helps to improve the mood when you stimulate your senses. When we smell something, its scent takes a direct route to the brain, awakening memories and positive emotions.

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