Premier dead sea body care

Skin that feels like silk.. yes this is possible with Premier dead sea body salt scrub and body butter.

I’ve been always struggling with dry and sensitive skin and been looking around for great products that make my skin super soft and hydrated.

The Premier products are made from dead sea minerals. The dead sea is a salt lake bordering Jordan and Israel. Its the lowest location on earth. 423 metres below sea level. It provides one of the world’s highest concentrations of minerals suitable for skin-related healthcare.

The Premier Salt Scrub I use once a week in the shower. You can also use it in the bath but that doesn’t really do much because you need a lot of the product and I don’t want to waste too much.

I use 1 tablespoon and massage it all over my body. This takes away all the dead skin and makes my skin smooth. The scrub salt is mixed with aromatic oils that smells sooo good!! When I rinse the salt with water it turns in to oil which hydrates and gives the skin this silky feeling.

After the shower I apply the Premier Body Butter. Its very rich and is quickly absorbed into the skin. I absolutely love this body butter. It makes my skin super soft and especially after using the body salt scrub. The smell is amazing, it makes me really happy! So far one of the best body butters i ever tried.

I ordered my products from

This is the cheapest I could find $22.95 for the salt and $24.95 for the body butter. Its coming from Israel so it took a while to arrive (3 weeks to Australia) but for me it was so worth it because on other websites its way too expensive.

4 thoughts on “Premier dead sea body care

  1. Hmm .. comment gone?

    Nice babe! Feel like scrubbing and buttering myself right away 😉 Looking forward in reading more of your blog posts.


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